Move your teams from complex systems and give employees a single place to communicate, structure work and get better results.

A new, contemporary work experience

Octonius combines team communication, people and work management in one system that makes information more visual and clearer, 
for smartest and fastest decisions in a busy digital world.
ZERO learning curve

Share stories, create events and tasks from a single command: Octonius’ box. Move away from cluterred  systems. 
Less noise, better results

Help your employees focus on the work on that matters, which results in a much lower volume of communications and a less stressful work environment.
Flexible and adaptive

Start with the framework that is good for each team, then adjust as necessary. Unleash each team potential with smart tools.

What is Octonius?

Octonius is a digital workplace that enables to organize and manage teams in a new way – a single place where people can easily find the most updated information, effectively work together and access critical applications and services to do their best work.

How Octonius workplace transforms organizations

Bring all teams together

Why Octonius is a simpler way to manage information, communication and teamwork. 

Simplify work tracking

Make it easier to delegate work and visualize status on everything. 

Reduce time to production

How using octonius can reduce the time to production of 34%.


Simplify your teams’ life today

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