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Octonius is the cloud-based solution for universal file transferring and collaboration.

Collaborate and share your data (via email or OctoSync) from one centralized, simplified hub.

Connect your cloud and start syncing today!

Connections are limitless

Connecting clouds and taking names, use OctoSync to share files with ease:

Google Drive


Synchronized Cloud Storage

Connect your favorite cloud storage solutions in one centralized hub.

Real Time Collaboration

Coworkers stay in permanent + automated sync, no matter what cloud you are using

Secure File

Octonius keeps your data safe and secure, allowing you to share confidentially.

Audit Trail and Automatic Backup

All shared files come with an activity log, allowing you to stay in-the-loop with your collaborators in real-time.


Octonius uses oAuth 2.0—the latest security standard for protection and authorization to ensure your privacy is protected.

This means we never keep track of your personal passwords—never not ever, no matter what.

When using Quick Search to locate files, Octonius keeps your transactions personally protected. Search is always live, which means we never store or index your files on our servers. Your data, your cloud backups—your privacy, guaranteed.


FAMILIES - Keep track of important events, synchronize the family calendar, and enjoy the ease of staying connected to your crew across the globe.

MEMORIES - Keep your treasured memories somewhere safe. Share family photos, vacation videos, and timeless memories with those you love.

HOUSEHOLD - Stay connected to your connected home. Share todo lists, update family financials, and sync important documents for your households’ peace-of-mind.

STUDENTS - Optimize your college experience. Access key projects, collaborate with your classmates, even send Mom a message when you need ramen in real-time :)



SALES - Collaborate to maximize your sales strategy. Quickly share case studies, extend pricing, contracts, and invoices--all through a single click.

MARKETING - Turbo boost your marketing campaigns Analyze data, improve strategy, and maximize creativity by minimizing wasted time.

SUPPORT - Keep your Support Team connected. Communicate across continents, collaborate from one hub, and make difficult file sharing a thing of the past.

LEGAL - Keep your data and reputation secure. With Octonius SecureShareTM, business owners can sleep well at night, knowing their data is encrypted, safe and secure.


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