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Octonius makes it easier for teams and organizations to plan work, coordinate people and stay align. It provides employees, managers and executives with a single source of truth to get job done, innovate and collaborate across the entire organization.

Organize all your work in one place

Great teamwork requires the ability to form teams and focus on the work that matters. Octonius helps you consolidate people and work management in a way that facilitates easy status updates, rapid execution and a culture of continuous learning.

  • create teams and projects
  • assign work
  • as work is completed, the system shows status in real time, for an accurate picture of the work in progress
  • Customize the information you need

    There comes a time when teams need customizations. The list view gives the ability to add fields, so you can customize the information you need for each item — it works like a spreadsheet, but with the superpowers of a system that gives the right updates to the right stakeholders, at the right time.

    Create more organic relationships

    As a manager you have the possibility to assign a task to one or more persons. Create a sense of belonging, equity and accountability among all team members, so people contribute more, together.

    See what is happening, and make adjustments as work progresses

    The timeline view gives your teams the ability to visualize the work that is planned and how it impacts other activities, at any period in time.

    Keep people engaged and effective — no matter where they are

    Use real time data to improve the distribution of work and help each team members maximize their performance.

    Connect the dots across your organization

    Align multiple teams and project together by sharing goals and important data.

  • set-up cross-functional objectives
  • see the progress and workload of each team
  • make more accurate and informed decisions 
  • Bottom line

    Octonius brings in one experience the power of project management solutions
    and the ease of use of social platforms, for a high and rapid adoption.

    Discover how Octonius can help your organization

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