People and work management, made easier


Great teamwork requires the ability to quickly form teams and focus on the works that matters.


Give an handy access to the right tools to your teams, so your employees spend less time on organizing work. Make work more transparent and easy to update — create a culture of delegating and learning.


  • consolidate stories, team communication and work management
  • put everyone on the same page
  • work in a more continuous way
  • make faster decisions
  • build teams knowledge
  • see progress via analytics at all levels
  • Work and team management features

    Task title
    Task description
    Assigned by
    Followed by
    Due date
    Attached files
    Task conversation
    Team conversations
    Task boards
    Kanban boards
    Team calendars
    Team files folders
    Smart tools
    Reference files
    Customizable workflows
    Groups with rules
    Manager tools
    Add/remove team members
    Lock files/make files shareable in the entire organization
    Team analytics
    Cross functional analytics

    How it works

  • super admins integrate the platform with your files storage (Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and more).
  • admins create groups and invite people.
  • team members start working immediately

  • Octonius can be used across a wide range of scenarios.

     At the team level 

    A more productive way to organize and manage teamwork

    Team members have a single space that makes it easier to organize and communicate about work

  • update tasks status (to do, in progress and done)
  • change due dates
  • assign tasks to new team members
  • update tasks description 
  • add or remove files
  • have discussions within the context of isolated tasks
  • access additional functionalities at the task level (lists, dependencies, followers and more)
  •  At the personal level 

    A simpler way to prioritize all individual tasks and get the job done

    Team members have an overview of all their tasks, making it easy see the work they need to accomplish, so they really start prioritizing on everything.

  • all tasks assigned, from all groups
  • due date
  • status (to do, in progress, done) 
  •  At the organization level 

    Have the clarity to achieve higher goals

    Customize the info that need to be transparent for everyone, so you can better allign all your teams.

  • team status
  • team progress
  • team workload
  • Bottom line

    > Octonius is more powerful than messaging to track and manage work, and it is as easy to use.
    > Octonius is easier to use than project management applications, yet it is as powerful.

    Discover what Octonius can do for you

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