Work and People Management, made easy
Customizable workflows
Assignee and due date
Task title
Task status (colored bar)


Great teamwork requires the ability to form teams and to focus on the work that matters.



Consolidate people and work management.  Create a culture of trust, rapid execution and learning.



– everyone is on the same page
– execute and adapt more rapidly
– make procedures clear and easy to update
– see progress with real time analytics

Manage work and people
at the team level

Private groups enables you to coordinate people and work and to quickly execute.

  • assign work
  • create and customize workflows
  • have discussions and share documents within the context of isolated tasks

  • Move from unscalable ways of working: bring inside a network of teams and projects the information and files widespread across emails, meetings and notes.
    Work management solutions

    Organize teamwork

    Plan and record team activities, assign work to specific team members and keep people accountable with due dates.

    As work is completed, the system shows status in real time for an accurate picture of the work in progress.

    Visualize teamwork

    The timeline view gives your teams the ability to see the work that is planned at any period in time

    Digitize physical boards

    Implement agile methodologies, run experiments and launch new product and services faster.

    Optimize ressources

    Use real time data to improve the distribution of work and maximise your team performance.

    Work and team management features


      task title
      task description
       assigned by
       followed by
      due date
      attached files
      task conversation


      list view of teamwork
      board view
      timeline view
      automation of tasks
      team calendars
      team folders
      team conversations

    Smart tools

     #  reference files
      customizable workflows

    Manager tools

      add/remove team members
      user permissions
      file sharing permissions
     team analytics
     cross functional analytics
     user analytics

    Get job done
    at the individual level

    Foster personal productivity among all employees. Each end-user access its own work from a personal space that gives certainty on the work that needs to be done.

  • the tasks from the all groups the belong to
  • status and progress
  • due dates
  • Connect the dots
    at the organizational level

    Align all your teams by sharing goals and real time data.

  • set-up cross-functional objectives
  • see the progress and workload of each team
  • make more accurate decisions and adapt more quickly
  • Bottom line

    Octonius is more powerful than messaging to track and manage work, and it is as easy to use.
    Octonius is easier to use than project management applications, yet it is as powerful.

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