The easiest way to organize team communication and work

Simplify collaboration

Octonius enables companies to work in a more efficient way, save time and money.
Work in Octonius happens in Groups — a single place to have conversations, share documents and assign work.

Create a virtual working structure

Manage teams and projects from one central hub.

Execute better, smarter

Connect the right people to the right teams and make work easy to manage and to update.

Enhance employee experience

The platform helps employees to organize their work with smart tools, so they can prioritize daily, weekly and monthly activities and see themselves making progress.
   Manage people and work employees

Make teamwork more flexible and transparent

Bring to teams the work experience they need to navigate and get better results through complexity and ambiguity. 

  • make what needs to be done clear and easy to update
  • fix accountability issues
  • transform inefficient processes into efficient workflows
  • have a real time view on performance

  • In-app management solutions ranges from team messaging to backlogs, tasks, timeline and more.

       Increase individual productivity 

    Help employees do better

    Automate work management at the individual level, so employees stay on track with their work and priorities.

  • employees access all their tasks, from all their teams and projects
  • the platform alerts employees when work is off track
  •    Exchange knowledge

    Build connected and purposeful communities

    Create public groups, share news, increase transparency and engagement.

  • support employees in understanding your company story and strategy
  • build a shared sense of pride
  • promote communities of interests 
  •    Drive change 

    Solve more problems

  • Increase clarity and trust by making cross-team reporting transparent on important information
  • shift focus and relocate resources when needed
  • decrease frustration with changes
  • make everything more efficient, so your employees can delight your customers
  • 🚀 Team Collaboration and Work Management is easy with Octonius workplace 
    Unlimited groups and storage let you share work without endless meetings,
    and quickly get the feedback and recognition you need.

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