The easiest way to manage teams, update on work
and stay organized

Execute better, smarter

Connect the right people to the right teams. Make transparent and clear who is doing what, when. 

Have a system that keeps information in the context of your operations and shows the status of work in real time.  

The system evolves as you use it

Octonius helps organizations to transition to management by visibility — as more teams join Octonius, a digital structure and a real time view of the work in progress in your organization start to appear. New efficiencies happen and new capabilities surface. 


Execute with clarity and certainty, in a changing world of work

Modern teams need to navigate through complexity and ambiguity. The platform makes clear, and easy to update, what needs to be done, so your teams can move your business forward in a changing world of work.

  • increase teams ability to answer with quality and speed
  • fix accountability issues
  • better adapt to changing conditions
  • align teams and projects, and see work being completed in real time


    Simplify collaboration and break all silos

    The platform brings into one global solution the work experience and important information widespread inside thousands of internal emails, spreadsheets and siloed applications. 

  • there is no learning curve for end-users used to social media and to-do lists
  • installation in the cloud and on-premise


    Impact your entire organization

    The platform bridges individual, team and organizational productivity, in a way that was not possible before. It creates a culture of continuous progress and high performance.

  • employees: all end-users access from a personal view their tasks, from all their groups and projects. The platform helps employees to better prioritize and engage with work

  • managers: work is more transparent at the team level, activities are easier to control and to get completed on time

  • executives: the platform brings at the portfolio level important KPIs, such as the state of your ressources, and the progress of all your initiatives

    Integrate with the systems you use

    Great things happens when tools work together. With better work management, you can more easily decentralize control, adapt to changing situations, and keep operations aligned.

  • create backlogs and users stories from the systems you use
  • send notifications where you need them
  • consolidate data inside and outside of Octonius
  • 🚀 Team Collaboration and Work Management redesigned
    Unlimited groups and storage let you share work without endless meetings,
    focus on the work that matters and get results.

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