The easiest way to organize 
team communications and work. 
Manage teams and projects, in one central hub.

Octonius enables companies to work in a more efficient way, save time and money. Work in Octonius happens in Groups — a single place to have conversations, share documents, come back and easily find data and files.

Organize announcements, team conversations and work in channels.

Create the structure that will enable agility and speed.

connect the right people to the right teams
reference files instead of uploading them
integrate with the services you use
bring the information and files widespread across chains of 
emails, meetings and notes

Engage your employees.

Build connected and purposeful communities. 

– Support your employees in understanding your company story and strategy. 
– Improve transparency 
– Increase engagement and make everything more efficient, so your employees can delight your customers

Better manage your processes.

Manage teams and individual work inside powerful and flexible visual tools.

  • track and organize work activities
  • fix accountability issues
  • make inefficient processes become more efficient
  • run better performance reviews 
  • Team collaboration and work management is easy on Octonius.

    Unlimited groups and storage let you share work without endless meetings, 
    and quickly get the feedback and recognition you need.
    Octonius is an enterprise collaboration platform for organizations looking to transform their way of working.
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