A simpler and more powerful way to work

_Day 1 – Create a group
Coordinate people and work in the context of async collaboration, so you can more easily manage operations, have a platform that offers you a real time view of the work in progress and adapt to changing conditions. 

  • create a group (public or private)
  • design a team owner
  •   Onboard team members
    Onboard team members and manage permissions from a central board.
    __Day 2 – Create workflows
    Use boards to map your operations and make work progress transparent and visual to all team members.

  • use columns as a workflow (to do, in progress, done) – move cards according their status
  • use columns as categories – cards stay static and the work status is indicated by each card color

  • Tip: go at the task level to access more functionalities such as description, files, checklists, and conversations in the context of tasks.
    __Day 3 – Have conversations
    Exchange ideas, and use each group team chat has a chance to exchange knowledge and learn.

    __Day 4 – Help employees 
    All end-users can access now their tasks from a personal space and better prioritize

  • the platform show all the tasks from all the groups and projects
  • tasks show in chronological order
  • the immediate benefit of the platform is that more tasks are completed on time and tasks are never forgotten
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