Improve the way you operate
in a remote setup

When you are going remote two things happen:

  • some teams are doing good
  • other teams perform less than before

  • Octonius offers a high-level view on work that enables team members to execute with clarity, and managers to listen to their teams and help them to stay on track.
    When work is designed to be based on status,
    the right people have the right information at the right time,
    even if they are not at the same location.

    Bring teams together

    From a virtual network of distributed teams, seamlessly view, plan and execute teamwork, processes and projects throughout your entire organization.

    Have an oversight of what everybody is working on

    Use cards, that can move along a board divided into stages, to assign work and due dates.

    Communicate effectively

    Each card as a conversation feature that can be used to rapidly exchange in context of your activities.

    Update on status and see progress

    A real-time view of the work that is in progress makes it easy to share  work status. It creates a less stressful work environment, based on clarity, trust and on helping each other.

    Help team members dealing with personal workload

    The platform aggregates data from what team members are doing. When needed, managers can quickly identify which team member has been overloaded with work, or those who might feel in a “near-burnout” situation. Manager are a pivotal element of your organization, they can now help your people doing their best from work mapping and real time analytics.

    Integrate with the systems you use
    Connect conversations to action, a high level view on work, and more.

    Ready to transform?
    Our consultants will help you identify and implement the best solutions for your needs
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