Build cross-functional teams, track work progress
and bring new products to market

  Create product roadmaps
Use the user stories contain inside the platform, plan sprints and distribute work across development and cross-functional teams.
   Track and manage work
Customize workflow and use the methodologies that work best for your teams
   Use reporting to improve
Track projects health and see roadblocks.

Organize work and people

Centralize access to information, make work and people management more nimble, and customize to the specific needs of each team.

Bring details at the card level

  • assign work and give a due date
  • fill the card description
  • divide complex work into checklists
  • attach or reference files from your content management system, and have conversations within the context of tasks
  • update status when work is done
  • Integrate with the systems you use

    Work from lists

    For teams used to work from spreadsheets, record and visualize work progress inside a list view.

  • see work progress for each activity
  • add new items at any time
  • better control work and people management, and get work done on time

  • If needed, switch instantly from the list view to the board view, and vice versa, without losing any data.

    Simplify the work of product and development teams

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