Make marketing activities more transparent,
easy to manage and to update.

   Track activities
Plan work and update the system as work is completed. 
   Have conversations 
Use the team chat to brainstorm on ideas to solve important issues.
Make decisions from a real time picture of the work in progress.

Better execute on work

Plan activities, delegate and assign due dates. As work is completed the system shows a real time view of all your team activities. Everyone has a clear picture of the work in progress and status, and certainty about the work that needs to be done.

Speed up recurring workflows

Automation gives to your team the ability to reduce human errors and save time on activities that requires approvals and manual steps.

Integrate with the systems you use

Work with files

Integrate with cloud and private storage systems or directly upload your team files into Octonius and use the platform as a content management system.

Use cases

  • task management
  • marketing campaigns
  • content calendar
  • team check-ins
  • Manage all your marketing activities from one place

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