Transition to agile HR

Organize and access information and files from one place

Create a self-service for your HR team members and, depending on the level of privacy you want, for all your employees.
Make HR processes and their management adaptable

Build workflows and help your team follow clear procedures. 
Onboard new employees
more quickly

Immediately incorporate new employees, allowing them to get down to work faster.

Create a knowledge base

Organize and access important information and files from one place, so you can more easily manage HR operations. You can either use Octonius groups in a public or private mode.

  • private mode: only team members can access.

  • public mode: employee use the group as a self service and access documents themselves, wherever they are. 
  • Put information and files in the context of work

    Use cards to add additional information and documents. To add files, you can either integrate Octonius with your content management system or upload them directly to your Octonius team file storage.

    Bring a structure and clarity to operations

    Manage processes

    Put you current and future activities in the context of a workflow, so you can more easily align people with work and keep up with deadlines.

  • create workflows: what needs to be done is clear to all team members, wherever they are.

  • assign work and give due dates: team members get things done on time.
  • Integrate with the systems you use

    Use cases

  • knowledge base for HR
  • self service for employees
  • internal processes to the HR department
  • selection process
  • onbording of new hires
  • Ensure optimal efficiency for your HR activities

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