Prototype, collaborate and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for design management.

Octonius is built for designers like you

From essential tools that help you work faster, to game-changing features that empower teams around the world, we’ve built the definitive platform for the management of digital design. 

Design research
Write meeting notes, research documentation – and everything you can think of while conducting user interviews or testing a prototype. 
Brainstorm with your team. 
Assign work to one or multiple members. Start working on UX documentation as you build it. 
Add FIGMA or Invision links for your prototyping work and share them with your team or other decision-makers to gather feedback.
Prototype & Test
Octonius makes your testing sessions and prototyping easier. Create documentation, share screenshots with your team, or create TEST scenarios for specific sessions. Everything remains well documented in Octonius and accessible for later. 
Start creating. Add information, attach and update files for each creation. Keep test results, user feedback and more in one place. 
Create tasks, assign them to your design team and monitor everything from one place, using our lightweight task boards.
Developer hand-off
All your documentation once finished, can be published and made available for the DEV team so they can start implementing the product specs. Files, screenshots, prototype links (FIGMA, etc) can be easily shared with other teams and also keep them for further reference. 
Developers can leave feedback, comment on your posts, creating a collaborative environment needed for a great product to be born.
Design system repository
Octonius is used as a knowledge base for designers when they share information between processes, scenarios and various other themes. 
It’s the easiest way to create a design system, share it and promote it inside your organization, paving the way to building a proper Design Center of Excellence to solve problems for anyone inside the organization, or your customers.

Use cases

  • creative assets sharing and documentation
  • design requests
  • projects specs
  • wireframes & UX flows testing
  • organize UX testing sessions
  • collaboration with agencies 
  • team conversations
  • user interviews
  • developer hand-off using collaborative documents
  • A great design team is made by the tools it uses
    and the knowledge of its members.

    Octonius is the best foundation to start building a contemporary design team and design system.

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