Coordinate your customer service and keep your customers more satisfied

Solve your clients queries in one place

  Solve problems quickly
Use the team chat to work on quick cases or to brainstorm.
   See the chronology
Create tickets and keep information and files organized within the context of each query. Come back later and see the complete history.
   Build customer knowledge
Use the Customer Service group as a common knowledge base and reduce the time it takes to solve cases.

Use cases

  • product helpdesk
  • IT helpdesk
  • client requests
  • How it works

  • create conversation threads to solve simple issues and to brainstorm on complex cases.
  • use the board to customize a team workflow.
  • start creating tickets.
  • if needed, bring the expertise of people from other teams to work on complex problems.
  • Everything start from your customers

    Have a more flexible platform to use information, create and bring better solutions.

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