Coordinate your customer service and
solve queries from one place

Structure work and use the right tool, for the right purpose

Use Octonius group chat, or your current communication and messaging application, to brainstorm together.

  • in Activity, have the ability to have team chat 

  • in Tasks, record client requests and work in the context of a structured workflow
  • Integrate with the systems you use

    Streamline operations

    Use task boards to keep a trace of your activities and solve queries at speed. Create tickets from Octonius, or from external messaging applications, and move them according to your workflow. 

    If needed, bring the expertise of people from other teams to work on complex problems

    Save additional information and have them in the context of activities

    Keep information and files organized within the context of each query.

  • upload screenshots: upload images directly inside a task.

  • reference files: reference and access files from integrations (type #file_name)

  • paste links: you can also simply add links inside the task description field

  • Prioritize work at the individual level

    Access all your tasks from all your groups, inside a private space.

    Everything start from your customers

    Have a more flexible platform to use information, create and bring better solutions.

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