Work the way you like

Create agile teams and simplify work management.

  Work from team messaging
Bring people together and start sharing.
  Work from To-Do lists
Manage people and work from boards to better visualize status and progress.
  Create your own team workflows
Customize team boards as you want.

Work from team messaging

Have a private space to have team conversations and share files.

When it comes to keep team members accountable, create calendar events or tasks directly from the chat.

When work is done, assignees change the status of their tasks to DONE, so everyone is updated by the platform. No more hassle with tracking and communicating work status.

Main features

Group management
 Unlimited groups
 Invite / remove team members
 Team analytics
 Conversation post
 Share files
 Calendar event
 Due date and time
 Assigned by
 Attach files
 Conversation within the context of events
 Integration to Outlook and G Suite
 Due date
 Assigned by
 Attach files
 Conversation within the context of tasks

Work from to-do lists

For more clarity, see all team tasks inside a kanban board (list of tasks).

Move cards according to their status.

Additional features

Work management
 Kanban view of tasks
 Create tasks directly from task boards
 Move cards according to 3 status (to do, in progress and done)

Create your own workflows

Bring dimensions to work management:

  • dimension 1 – columns for categories
  • dimension 2 – ticket / task status
  • dimension 3 – level of priority
  • dimension 4 – list of dependencies
  • dimension 5 – approval 

  • Digitalize complex team workflows, including:

  • multiple levels of approvals
  • work across multiple functional teams
  • Additional features

    Work management
     Add new columns
     Rename columns
    Big picture display
     Task status is independent from the position on the board
     Complex workflow
     Task priority

    Unlimited use cases

  • team collaboration
  • mobilize people around an idea
  • task management
  • project management
  • spreadsheet and Excel project management
  • workflow and status
  • resources and workload management
  • product launch
  • Bring clarity and efficiency to work

    Manage people and workloads,
    from bug tracking to the development of complex products.

    Works with AZEXO page builder