Create agile teams
and simplify work management

Bring people together

Gather people from different departments and solve problems together, wherever everyone is located.

  • plan work
  • define the role of each one and assign tasks
  • track progress
  • integrate with other applications, such as content management systems

  • No more hassle with tracking and reporting on work status.

    Integrate with the systems you use

    Work from to-do lists

    Move tasks according to their status inside a kanban board (lists of tasks). See in real time all your activities and status.

  • work in the context of activities (information and files stay in the context of tasks, so they are easy to access and to update)
  • when work is done, assignees change the status of their tasks to DONE, so everyone is updated by the platform
  • Create your own workflows

    Bring more dimensions to work management:

  • dimension 1 – use columns as categories
  • dimension 2 – the status of each task can be independent from its position inside the board
  • dimension 3 – give a level of priority
  • dimension 4 – add subtasks

  • Digitalize complex team workflows, including:

  • multiple levels of approvals
  • automations and rules
  • Unlimited use cases

  • team collaboration
  • mobilize people around an idea
  • task management
  • project management
  • spreadsheet and Excel project management
  • workflow and status
  • resources and workload management
  • product launch
  • Bring clarity and efficiency to work

    Manage people and work, from bug tracking to the development of complex products.

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