United Nations set new task management and cross-functional project standards with Octonius

November 30, 2020

The United Nations, the intergovernmental organization, has been achieving international cooperation for more than 75 years on subjects as diverse as poverty and urbanization, education and health, gender equality, climate change and disaster resilience. 

The project teams wanted to replace the multiple systems in use for a more user friendly solution, that could be used by anyone. The solution had to fit the security needed, solve many problems, and open new frontiers for learning and knowledge sharing.   

Increase operational efficiencies from a non-IT tool

The United Nations wanted to reach a new milestone in their digital transformation in offering to employees the power of IT tools and a more consumer-like experience of work, that employees find on platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Tik Tok. 

In other words, they were looking for a more modern way to plan and execute work, from better platform, that is faster, cheaper, and more secure — a very friendly UX, very easy to understand for non-IT people was a necessity, not an option. 

Everybody got closer

While technologies like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams enable to communicate with each other more than ever, what really tie people together is purpose.

One thing that organizations learned in 2020 is that when people can be better connected to what they are doing, and when they are more compassionate to other needs, they feel happier, empowered and engaged.

Managing projects with people who have never work together is never easy. Teams became better at delivering and presenting reports by saving time from constantly gathering the information that was located in traditional collaboration silos, such as email and messaging applications. This is important when less fragmented planning and organizing can create operational efficiencies that improve the lives of thousands.

“We just started almost 2 months ago and we are scaling fast, because there is no training needed. People are using Octonius and they talk with their peers about it, so I consider it a success so far.” 

— Advitya Sood,: Project Lead
The United Nations

Efficiency gains: create a simpler, more uniform way of working and reporting

To date, Octonius has been rollout to project and resource management teams. 

  • The United Nations use Octonius boards as replacement of whiteboards. They plan and track activities, and work from anywhere. The day of the report, important informations are filtered, in one click, by date, by the value that the work creates, or a measurement of the advancement of the projects.

  • The United Nations’ team leaders use tasks to facilitate mentorship. Managers and team members do not work separately on their tasks, instead, the Octonius’ platform facilitates and support knowledge sharing and learning between people with experience and those who are starting in a new role

  • The United Nations’ executives rely on Octonius to never miss important information. The platform has enabled to shift the focus from email to task allocation and management, so anyone can see the priorities clearly and work on them. The introduction of task management to teams has made it easier to separate what is urgent or very important, and has improved the quality of life of employees because they don’t have to constantly search and organized what needs to be done.
  • Immediate results of the change

    The fact that everyone is on the same page, using the same tool, is great value. While the United Nations has just got started, the organization’s new digital approach of work created efficiencies and an enhanced collaborative experience.

  • 71% of team leaders feel that the quality of their leadership has increased
  • 83% of employees feel more compassionate about other teams needs
  • general well-being is driving higher business performance
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