How one of the most traditional European bank transitioned from collaboration via internal email to a global work management solution

December 7, 2020

Challenge: operation inefficiencies

With 8,000 employees dealing with more than 2 million clients, this bank wanted to improve task management and collaboration across functions. 

With employees located in many departments, inside the corporate offices and in one of the 900 branches, the information became difficult to organize and to access between all the different work environments.  

  • managers have to constantly coordinate people with the right information
  • status meetings require 30 minutes of the time of each employee, every working day

  • Although the bank decided to use Microsoft Teams to communicate, a smart solution was needed to eliminate the time wasted with work planning and status update meetings — given that the workforce is now spread across many locations, and in different time zones, the problem was urgent.

    Opportunity: create alignment between teams and make it easy to execute, in any situation

    With a modern solution in place, which could integrate to the bank systems, the bank has reduced employee frustration with work management. Hunting for the right person to get the right information, has stopped. Employees and managers can now truly focus on their roles and have more time for new activities.

    The bank realized significant benefits. Now that all information is in one system and actionable they prepare in a matter of minutes:

  • a high-level view on work facilitates check-ins, better leadership and rapid execution
  • the volume of internal emails has been reduced by 90%, in a way that could not have been done with team messaging
  • status updates and reporting is now done from boards
  • meetings have been repurposed for learning and next steps
  • 200 hrs
    of work saved each week,
    per 100 employees
    3 systems
    in employee satisfaction

    Implementation: centralize work and increase efficiencies gradually

    The first teams started to use Octonius to plan their activities, delegate and track status in real time. 6 functional teams and one cross-functional team were created during the first month of use. Then, more teams started to take control of their work with Octonius.  

    Octonius is now a single source of truth for the organization.

    The platform impulsed a new culture of working that better scales in a hybrid setup, with people and teams working from anywhere. Because it is very easy for everyone to follow the work that is happening, managers are more willing to delegate and trust employees to do their best work.

    Employees access their tasks from a personal space and immediately focus on the work that matters, instead of searching for information. The platform changed the way managers build and share reports to other teams. The organization became one big team.

    Octonius has also improved the onboarding of new team members. Anyone who needs to know about the latest initiatives, or more details about a particular activity, find the information inside the platform, which works as a self-service. Administrators and managers control who can access, and anyone can start working in the context of a new team, in no time. 
    In a 6-month period, a winning spirit based on transparency, harnessing employees expertise to satisfy the bank customers’ needs, and wellbeing, has shaped a new culture of working.
    “It really changes the way people are interacting and collaborating within the organization, turning it into a transparent and pleasant one. 

    Octonius is very similar to consumer apps, so easy to onboard.”

    — Bank COO team

    Results: higher employee satisfaction, enhanced customer services

    The platform helps the organization transform the way it operates. Everyday, Octonius is used by executives, team leaders and employees for action. It has consolidated in one system the operations that were formerly done from internal emails and 3 other separate applications.

    Key Takeaways

  • businesses that use Octonius break collaboration silos and more easily focus on the activities that bring values
  • in the beginning this is essential to start with few targets
  • great employee experience creates efficiencies, saves money, and leads to satisfied customers
  • If you are considering Octonius Workplace and you need more details,
    we are here to help

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