Palo Alto, CA, 2013
Started as a file sharing and collaboration tool, Octonius quickly became the GO TO solution for team work.


Octonius has been founded in 2013 by Cosmin Ciobanu (Evernote and SAP), to help teams work together by improving the process of sharing and working on files across teams.
Only to realize that teams had no easy way to make important information more transparent without disrupting how teams work.
It was chaos.

Seeing this, we created a new platform that enables any team to not only share files but to safely and securely work or update on day-to-day activities, sprints and more complex forms of collaboration.
Octonius is a next-generation technology solution that combines a network of teams and easy-to-use collaboration features to make your organization more efficient.

If your organization is ready to evolve, trust our company to help.

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