Structure information, coordinate people and work, through a fully integrated digital workspace

Give your teams the visibility they need to focus on the activities that matter, so they feel that they are trusted and can achieve more.

Work and project management

Decide on initiatives and manage everything from teamwork, like assigning tasks and giving due dates, down to coaching team members, and seeing the progress made to reach your objectives.

Resource allocation

Use a team list view of work to create additional fields that customize your experience with Octonius work boards. Possibilities and use cases are limitless.

  • add levels of priority to tasks
  • estimate costs
  • allocate budgets
  • estimate the efforts needed
  • Goal management

    Use objectives and key results to align  your people on common purposes. Goal management can be used in the following scenarios:

  • align team members in the context of team goals
  • align multiple teams or your full organization on higher purposes
  • Performance dashboards and Business Intelligence

    Access additional information that helps you see the real-time progress of your initiatives and the good health of important KPIs.

    Team workload management

    Gain a real-time view of team members’ activities and more effectively distribute work across a hybrid workforce, working from anywhere.

  • see the teams that are performing well
  • help the teams that perform less than before
  • Personal view of work

    Help your employees navigate through their work at a more individual level. From a single and personal view, employees prioritize the tasks they need to complete today, this week, and all the weeks after.

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