Manage your own work

Have a private space to read news, get feedback and manage your work from all your groups

Get all your messages in one place

Get informed of all the new conversations started in your groups and see the replies to your messages.

Have your daily and weekly work ready for action

Access the tasks you need to accomplish today and this week.

Visualize and manage all your tasks

For a complete view of your work, see all your tasks, their due date and progress status. 

Inbox – keep track of your messages

Receive in a personal space the feed of all the conversations from your groups.

  • news from public groups
  • messages in private groups addressed to you
  • replies to your messages
  • Tasks – keep track of your work

    From a single view, access the tasks assigned to you across the teams and projects you belong to.

  • see all the activities you need to accomplish across multiple teams
  • update everyone on your work in a more efficient way. As soon as you change the status of a task,  team boards are automatically updated for all team members. No more time wasted with emailing or messaging status updates.
  • My Workplace – keep track of personal notes

    Have a private space to store thoughts, data and information that you may use later.

  • create personal notes
  • create personal tasks used as a reminder
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