Individual productivity

Individual productivity

Help employees to keep organized and stay on track

Make it simple for employees to accomplish their work

  Personal messages

Get informed of all the new conversations started in your groups and see the replies to your messages.
  Weekly workload

Access the tasks you need to accomplish today and this week.
 All personal tasks

For a complete view of your work, see all your tasks, due dates and progress. 

Strengthen employees’ ability to  do great work

From a single view, employees access and execute the tasks assigned to them across all the teams and projects they belong to.

  • tasks are organized by due date
  • when a task is completed, the platform automatically updates those who need the information
  • Increase trust

    Custom fields enable team leaders to better assign priorities. On the other end, employees can more easily report on their work progress.

    Less time is wasted with organizing and communicating on work, more time is available for execution and coaching.

    Keep your employees engaged

    Employees receive the information that matters to them inside a private and personal space. 

  • news from public groups
  • publications from the communities they belong to
  • replies to their messages

  • Inside that space, they can store personal thoughts, data and information that they might use later.

    Increase your employees’ satisfaction and productivity

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