Unlock the collaborative power of your organization

Design work for less ambiguity, more transparency and certainty

Octonius brings to enterprises the work structure, flexibility and ease of use that collaboration requires to thrive through the changing world of work. 

It helps to balance the short term with the long term, and to better link business objectives, the technology and the human side of work. It becomes immediately useful for employees and team managers.

Get real-time insights

Define your objectives and set key results. Then, see the initiatives, that will enable your organization to reach your objectives. being completed in real-time across multiple teams and projects.

Manage work and people, wherever you are

Make clear who needs to do what, with the help of flexible workflows solutions. Transition from micromanaging to cultivating an environment that focuses on getting to the results.

Get job done at the individual level

The platform organizes inside a personal space all the tasks from all the teams and projects that people belong to, so they can better prioritize and focus on the work that matters.

How to start using Octonius

Use the right tool for the right purpose

  • work and people management: use Octonius to help your teams keep coordinated. Record and make transparent what needs to be done. Organize important information and documents in the context of activities, workflows and projects 

  • communication and messaging applications: ask quick information and have non-work related conversations

  • other systems: integrate with your business systems to spend less time switching between tools
  • Impulse a culture shift that drives clarity and new efficiencies

    When teams work in silos this is hard to get work started, and it is even harder to keep your operations aligned with your objectives. Because collaboration is more than communication, Octonius put everyone on the same page, with the information that matters:

  • tasks: make clear who is doing what, what is the status and due dates

  • status: make visible what is the progress, so you save time on status updates and reporting
  • Align more teams and projects

    As work grows and becomes more organized, Octonius becomes a central source of truth for task management, team collaboration, project management and learning experiences.

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