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Collaborate in a more efficient way

In a changing environment where VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) is permanent, productivity has not followed the growth of collaboration.

To achieve high performance in a complex and constantly changing environment, you must get the right work done. A 360 degree approach of work (goals, organization, teams and people) increases purpose, clarity and brings higher results. 

This change happens in 4 steps:

– define the goals you want to achieve and design your organization accordingly
– align teams with goals
– bring clarity to teamwork
– facilitate and support work at the individual level

1. Organize people and teams

To act as a single voice, important information must be accessible across functions, in one system.

To win in agility and speed, define your objectives and organize information and people in the context of activities that will best serve those objectives.
Tool: Octonius Groups

2. Give purpose

Once you have a structure, give purpose to teams. Objectives and key results sharpen the focus on tasks that brings results and keep teams aligned with the big picture.
Tool: North Stars in Octonius Groups

3. Adapt work management to each team

Management by clarity enable to save time on coordination with work. When team members know who needs to do what, when, they can more easily focus on focus on work, instead of constantly communicating about work. 

Custom fields makes it easier to add details (priority, risk, monetary value etc…)and build workflows that reproduce the way each team work.
Tool: Tasks (list and table views) in Octonius Groups

4. Help employees stay on track with work

Employees access all their work from all their groups and projects inside a personal space, so they have a clear picture of the tasks they need to accomplish today, this week and the next weeks. 

That way, employees sharpen their focus on the tasks that matters and see how their work contribute collective efforts.

Tasks can be updated from individual spaces or directly from teams boards.
Tool: Tasks in Octonius MySpace


By developing a more goal-oriented approach of work and people management —supported by analytics— you will achieve more with less.
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