A single hub for global collaboration

See all changes in a glance.

Our Dashboard tracks activity from any cloud. It’s simple, robust and focused on speed. With one simple click on a file, you can see the extended audit trail and file history.

Your files. Instantly available.

The future of cloud technology is not on how you store your data, but on how easy it is for people to collaborate, to access and use the data from the cloud.

Our browser allows you to easily search or browse through your cloud storage content at lightening speed.

Quickly & Safely Collect Documents and Scans

Save time and effort, no friction. With pods, Octonius gives you a fast, secure way to collect documents from anyone with a simple link.

Create a pod directly from your cloud and anyone with the link will be able to upload documents and files. No third party apps to install.

Pods are protected. Recipients cannot access your content; all files go directly to the pod and information never reaches our servers.

Audit trail

Each file you share with your collaborators, or any file you receive from them has its own activity log like an audit trail.

In the Shared files section you can click on a file and see the full activity throughout the lifetime of the file. With a simple click on the [X] icon you can stop the file syncing. Once you do that, nobody will see your edits or make changes to your file. What you can see in this section:
check_box Basic file information: size.
check_box File activity: when it was changed.
check_box Who is the owner.
check_box Who made every change and when.