Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started
How do I register?
To get a complete picture of how our product benefits, most of our customers connect staff and pilot Octonius workplace during a time frame going from 4 to 12 weeks. We also offer to organizations over 100 employees to try Octonius in a controlled environment.

If you would like to have us contact you directly please submit your details using your online form. Alternatively, you can email at
What can I do with Octonius?
Octonius is more than just a collaboration tool; this is a new way of working that eliminates up to 70% of the noise within today’s work environment.

Octonius enables you to record what is essential at each team level, so employees don’t have to ask about procedures, status, updates, past information, files, and next steps. Something that is not possible via the current tools and which is not going to be solved by AI − Octonius gives more space, visibility and focus to work. It makes teamwork effortless.
Is Octonius easy to use?
Octonius is very user-friendly and has a similar appearance to most consumer social platforms, which makes it easy to use for everyone.
How will we be trained?
We offer workshops; however most teams get the most of Octonius without the need of any formal training.
Does it comply with security standards?
Octonius Inc. assesses the level of compliance with the data protection and privacy duties at the international and local levels. Octonius Workplace complies with data protection and privacy obligations. For more information contact us at
Product features
What is a group?
In Octonius, teamwork happens in groups. A group is a single place for a team to share stories, start conversations, access files and track important work.
What is a team board?
Team boards are a visual and simple way to organize activities and show workflows using columns and cards. It helps team members to see work progress.

However, contrary to other solutions, Octonius does not force teams on tools: sprints, swarms, stand ups and any other type of collaboration can be done directly from team chats. Octonius does all the heavy lifting: the platform automatically track and organize team activities in a more cohesive way.
What if I need to update on an activity?
Edit the corresponding card instead of sending a message, so all team members always access the most updated information in real time.
What are my billing options?
Octonius offers 2 different billing methods:

Monthly Direct Debit

Monthly invoicing

Monthly invoicing applies to the entire organization. We will need the following information:
  • Name and email address of the primary billing contact
  • Billing address
  • Your preferred payment method

  • For offline billing inquiries contact Support.

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