External collaboration

A more scalable way to collaborate

Foster relationships with external partners: move email content, files and calls to action
into a more visual and goal-oriented way of working.
  Minimize the cognitive load

Scan past information and access files faster.
  Increase focus

Assign tasks so everyone knows who is doing the next step, by when. The next steps are straightforward for everyone.

  Gain in agility

Information and files are easy to access and update, which results in a lower level of conversations about organizing work.

The challenge with external collaboration

Email has been designed to share messages and files on the go, making difficult to find past information and files. This is even more damaging that the more successful teams reach out to others as often as possible.


Create a new Octonius private group, for external collaboration purpose. Guests will no access to your platform and will only see the group they are invited to.

  • invite guests by their email
  • start a conversation and share files
  • start assigning work
  • have separate conversations based on topic
  • have the option to remove members when work is done
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