Bring all teams together

Put all your teams on the same page and give space to work, so your organization move faster.

More than team messaging

Bring stories, knowledge, goals, past and next actions together.

Easy to use

Octonius workplace is designed for the end-users, and equipped with powerful work tracking and reporting solutions.


Set goals, track progress and shift priorities and resources if needed.

Octonius helps enterprises solve their biggest challenges

Octonius brings a structure to work and eliminates the time wasted in organizing and communicating about work.

Simplify people an work management. Achieve more at the organization, team and individual level.

 Single sign on / SAML
 User provisioning and deprovisioning
 Custom branding
Additional customizations and integrations
Specific file storage and cloud integrations
Priority support
Service-level agreement (SLA)
SaaS and On-premise

Manage complex organizations with Octonius Workplace

Have a single view of your entire organization work. Unlimited Groups give teams a place to organize activities in a long-term perspective. Your employees see the big picture, they can focus on the work that matters to achieve goals.

  Unlimited Groups

Start as many communities, public or private groups as you need.

  Start from the big picture

Each group accomplish work in order to achieve a common goal, that is clear and visible to all.

  Everything is tidy and immediately actionable

Don’t search for past information and files. Have all team files, past actions and essential communications tied to activities. Past actions can be replicated and improved.

How Octonius Workplace can help?

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