Bring employee engagement closer to the action

Balance teamwork with employee wellbeing, knowledge sharing, meaningful relationships and mentoring — in the context of work.

Design work well-being

Changes in the workload, the feeling of being overwhelmed and overdue work can lead to employee burnout. It impacts productivity. Take care of your teams by sensing changes in the workloads and in prioritizing health, because now, work, life and high performance are one and the same.

  • support decisions from data
  • when needed, redistribute work
  • enhance operational effectiveness
  • decrease employee burnout
  • Enhance your ability to have great 1:1 coaching sessions

    At a granular level, data on work offer a more transparent way for managers and employees to start conversations on job performance and make sure that everyone’s job is meaningful.

    Encourage team spirit

    Exchange in the context of team activities regularly, so everyone come up with one single vision of what needs to be done.

    Promote a culture of feedback, learning and helping others

    The platform offers the possibility to have conversations in the context of a task. Mention people to get help and advice on a particular activity.

    Other real-life scenarios

    Depending on what they use, organizations have also adopted the Octonius platform for the following usages: 

  • internal communications use public groups as communication channels
  • some organizations use Octonius for knowledge sharing, making the platform an intranet
  • finance teams use the platform as a repository for important notes and files (on-premise installation)
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