Case study

Save time and enhance continuous learning by leaving internal email

Challenge: operation inefficiencies, waste time and money

Before Octonius Workplace, employees would spend around 2 days preparing for collaboration, as they had to find the right people for the work, gather data and documents from multiple touch points. 

Now all that information is in one system, so they can prepare in a matter of minutes. 

Opportunity: Digital workflows increase efficiencies, save time and money

With a modern, digital solution in place, organizations began to realize significant benefits:

  • Processes consolidation into a simpler structure.
  • Defined workflows that eliminate human errors.
  • Time savings of up to 40 percent to complete work, reducing processing costs.
  • Real-time status visibility on everything and new reporting capabilities.
  • 2,000 tasks
    completed in 2 weeks
    34%  time decrease
    in production

    35% fewer errors

    Implementation: centralize work and increase efficiencies gradually

    Teams started to took control of collaboration with Octonius Groups. Groups are private spaces that bring the right people together to discuss work, store documents and manage projects.

    In the beginning this is essential to not try to get everything right. Start somewhere with expectations, evolve and improve from there.

    Results: lowest costs, enhance customer service

    Octonius drive speed by giving the ability to not only share ideas, but to test them, improve and execute faster.
    In a 3-month period, centralizing processes allowed this organization in Europe to produce 95% of their clients works in less than 15 working days while reducing errors.

    Key Takeaways

  • Octonius provides an easy solution to conduct any type of collaboration (team conversations, online stand ups, sprints and more).
  • Businesses that use Octonius centralize work and break silos, which can reduce processing time by up to 90 percent.
  • Efficient processes and fewer errors save money, leading to satisfied clients.
  • If you are considering Octonius Workplace and you need more details,
    we are here to help

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