How law firms choose to manage work digitally

Expedite workforce digitalization

One of the most famous law firms in the EU encountered serious problems managing teams and teamwork during the pandemic in 2020. As a law firm with many employees, partners and clients, the idea of a distributed team that can work together and communicate safer with the clients was a big challenge.

A usual day in the office for a an attorney at law:

  • Check emails from clients
  • Check email from colleagues
  • Review current tasks and check status on current tasks by meetings or via email
  • Start working for clients
  • Ask and review status of work at the end of the day and plan for the day ahead

  • And there is much more than meets the eye. A lot of tasks from paralegal, admin, research and more. Sending and receiving information and documents from clients and partners is another big challenge.

    So how can teams not only become resilient but increase their productivity even more? 

    Introducing Octonius – the work management platform

    When the organization decided to move to Octonius, the steps to achieve success were clear:

    1.  Move everything in Octonius – from tasks, projects, to documents and other assets.
    2.  Organize teams in Octonius Groups – to begin working on projects in a transparent way. It was clear for each team member what is happening at a given moment in time, what’s the progress of a project, what is urgent for today and more.
    3.  Creating Agoras (public groups inside the workplace) to share relevant information, news, and build a knowledge base for everyone to access from anywhere, anytime.
    4.  When this became a discipline – it was easy for each person to check their inbox in Octonius and see exactly what’s urgent for today, what’s the progress of their team and provide help.
    5.  The next step was to bring clients to join a team(Group) as a guest and provide feedback on the work in progress, upload and share documents in a safe manner.
    6.  Adding automation to the task management system, the teams avoided human errors, missed terms and client updates.

    Some of the effects of using Octonius as the single source of truth and work management platform for the law firm in just 3 months:

  • Use of email was reduced by 80%. Email was used 20% of the time and only to communicate with clients, not internally.
  • Clarity increased
  • Updating the tasks and providing feedback without additional tools had a huge effect.
  • Everyone from a group will immediately see the status update and have a quick overview of the general progress of a project.
  • Transparency has increased exponentially
  • By using our North Stars (OKR system), it was easier to set goals and objectives for teams and provide transparency on the real progress.
  • Knowledge is always in one place, easy to access and share
  • Communication has become asynchronous, providing more time for team members to act and provide feedback, find solutions and actually help each other without getting lost in chat tools with fake urgent threads.

  • At the end of the first month, the organization had a living representation of their processes in Octonius.

    With Octonius, the firm empowers their teams to do the great work with full visibility, true cross-departmental collaboration, and smart automation, providing the best work experience for everyone.

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