Octonius – a startup story

As we are approaching March 2021, we will soon celebrate our 7th anniversary as a company and as a team. We are sharing here a short article on how we started and what makes Octonius stand out today.

Octonius was born 7 years ago as an initiative of 4 people in Silicon Valley – more exactly Atherton, Palo Alto.All the founders were Europeans, with a strong focus on collaboration tools and cloud productivity.

Back in the days, it was a file-sharing platform supporting collaborative editing. Soon after, we wanted to do more for our customers, whose expectations were constantly growing, so the digital workplace idea came to life. Over the years, people from all continents joined forces, our team grew and so did our product. Thus, Octonius became the work management platform it is today.

Our founder and CEO, Cosmin Ciobanu is explaining how the idea sparkled back then.

We were struggling, as a freelance design team, with collaboration issues. Where do we store our files, how do we keep them in sync between us, and more importantly, how do we work effectively with our customers? At that time the cloud tools were focusing on 2 things: file storage (dropbox, box, etc) and task management(Asana, Trello).

There was a lot of friction between the rest of the elements that represent WORK. Work was never just tasks and files. So we decided to start building a platform that acts as a single source of truth for everything work-related, organizing your daily workflows and liberating people from using emails to work as a team.

The first step was to create a familiar way of working – so the GROUP idea was born. People would organize their activities in groups. A group can be anything you want: a team, a project, a department. Simple, right?

The second step was to bring all the main collaboration features inside groups and enable teams to start working from the first 60 seconds, without any training required.

That was and still is a difficult thing to achieve. As Leonardo da Vinci said: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

There is much more about the product but we’re not going into details today.
You can discover Octonius for your team here.

Fun fact: Octonius is the only Romanian startup(founder nationality) ever to be accepted in the famous Blackbox Connect program in Silicon Valley.
Our founder (left) and the founder of the Blackbox program – Fadi Bishara(right).
Yet the most important thing for a company like Octonius is the TEAM.

What sets us apart is that behind Octonius stands a team of innovative minds obsessed with the customer, inspired by a single goal: making people’s work experience amazing, anywhere, anytime.

This is the short story of Octonius and it’s just the beginning.

In the upcoming months, we will leverage all our expertise to bring you a great user experience, great value, and increased productivity for your teams.
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