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Octonius is a file sharing platform
designed to let you share and sync files from your cloud with anyone else.

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Freedom to work. Freedom to share and collaborate in sync.

Save time and effort, it's seamless.

Work from any cloud storage you prefer, and collaborate with team members from other clouds, frictionless.

You do not need a BOX account to share files with someone using BOX. Or Google Drive for that matter.

With @OctoniusApp I can share and sync files with people from Dropbox and GDrive, regardless of the cloud storage I use :)

@SalomeWagner, Vienna

It works. No setup, no third party apps to install.

Improve teamwork. OCTONIUS keeps you and your coworkers in permanent and automated sync with each other, no matter what clouds you are using.

Share a file from your cloud (ex: Dropbox) with a collaborator using a Box account.

This product is great! I can edit a file with a Dropbox user without having a Dropbox account. Killer!

@fbishara, Palo Alto

Global team collaboration

Cloud fragmentation makes file sharing and collaboration between teams inefficient. Shared links have improved file transmission, but are still unproductive.

Octonius created file sharing and file syncing between clouds, bringing collaboration between internal and external teams to a new level of productivity.

At Thunderbolt Studios we are constantly sending files back and forth with clients and other companies, and we have to transfer files to various cloud sharing platforms. Octonius is reducing the workflow and improves productivity.

@thunderboltla, Los Angeles

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